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Bradenton, FL is Full of Museums

For museum thrill and fun, Bradenton features an array of places you may want to peep in. The choices may be overwhelming, but to get the most out of your trip, ensure you step into these two museums. Learn information about Bradenton, FL here.

Florida Maritime Museum

Florida Maritime Museum (FMM) is dedicated to chronicling the story of Florida’s maritime history. Located on 4 acres of land in the historic fishing village of Cortez and housed in a 1912 schoolhouse building, the museum was established to showcase the significance of the regional commercial fishing industry.  It features various exhibits displaying historical artifacts, photographs, instruments, boat models, tools, and a collection of shells from the Gulf of Mexico. The museum also boasts a research library packed with diaries, books, periodicals, plans, ship logs, records, and letters. Discover facts about Bradenton, FL is a Brewery Hub.

Manatee County Agricultural Museum

Located in Palmetto Historical Park, the Manatee County Agricultural Museum is dedicated to highlighting the importance of agriculture in Manatee County and the significant role in the development of the region. The museum features various exhibits that focus on the primary commodities in the county, namely horticulture, livestock, citrus and vegetables, and commercial fishing. It showcases a range of farming equipment and tools, photographs, and documents that reflect the area’s rich heritage.

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