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If cared for properly, tile can last a lifetime. Because it’s waterproof and attractive, tile is a popular surface for flooring, backsplashes, bathtub, and shower surrounds. However, the location of the tile and its material determine the right type of cleaner to use. Each material has guidelines for cleaning and cares to consider when picking the best tile cleaner. See more here.


In general, tile is tough, but some materials are more susceptible to scratches and stains. While many popular tile cleaners won’t harm ceramic, porcelain, or any tile with a protective coating, shoppers should pick the tile cleanser that’s specifically formulated for the material. Most multi-purpose cleaners will not harm the surface. However, cleaning natural stone tile avoids cleaners with acidic ingredients because they can damage the surface. Avoid using cleansers with abrasives on glass and acrylic tile because they can scratch the surface. See here for information about the Qualities of Great Tile Cleaning Companies.


Tile cleaners are often classified according to their cleaning effects. Many products are multifunctional and can rid a tile surface of a wide variety of stains. However, some are more effective at removing mold, while others are made to brighten both the tile and the grout. Many people keep more than one tile cleanser on hand to target specific purposes.

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